Into The Combine Metal Podcast

13. Deafheaven New Bermuda Album Review

We discussed the album "New Bermuda" by Deafheaven with mixed opinions from each of the members of the cast and featured some music we have been into lately. We ran into some technical difficulties on this episode and so the audio quality isnt as good as normal so be sure to check out some of our other episodes to hear the full effect. Also, subscribe on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook!

12. So Hideous Interview with Brandon Cruz

For this episode we interviewed the extremely interesting Brandon Cruz from the band So Hideous about his amazing new album "Laurestine". If you havent heard this album yet you need to give it a listen. It has been showing up on a ton of best of the year list's and is very unique and forward thinking. It has elements of orchestral/classical music mixed with abrasive black metal types of vocals and drums, all mixed into the feel of a movie soundtrack, and yet something entirely its own. He discussed the making of the album, some background of the band, as well as what to expect on their next album. If you like what you hear please rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook! 

11. Cattle Decapitation & Top 5 Deathmetal/core Vocalists

We discussed the album "Anthropocene Extinction" by Cattle Decapitation that you may have seen popping up on everyone's year end lists and counted down our top 5 "harsh" vocalists - mostly from any death metal sub genre and deathcore. The ranking starts around 28 mins. If you like what you hear please rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook!

10. Ranking As I Lay Dying’s Discography

We discussed and ranked all of As I Lay Dying's Discography! Let us know how wrong we were below on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, please throw us a review on iTunes!

9. Toothgrinder interview & After the Burial, Rings of Saturn, Faceless Show Review

We've got a super interesting interview with the amazing Toothgrinder with all kinds of details about their upcoming new album, their favorite albums of 2015 and their history together. We also have a concert review for the "Return of the Faceless" tour with Toothgrinder, Rings of Saturn, After the Burial, and The Faceless. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook! 

8. Top 5 Sumerian Records & Terror album review

We jump into the new album "The 25th Hour" by Terror and count down our top 5 albums released from Sumerian Records. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook!

7. Interview In Hearts Wake, Devil You Know & Abigail Williams Album Reviews

Its a packed full episode of two show reviews; Parkway Drive show with In Hearts Wake, Thy Art is Murder, and Miss May I, as well as The Acacia Strain show with Fit For an Autopsy. We have a special interview with Ben Nairn from In Hearts Wake and album reviews for Devil You Know "They Bleed Red" as well as Abigail Williams "The Accuser". We end the show with a spotlight on unsigned band Windfaerer with the song "Celestial Supremacy". Check them out on band camp and don't forget to rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook! Send us some more band submissions to be featured as well!

6. Crucible Interview with Dave Stephens

For this episode we have an interview with Dave Stephens about his new hardcore side project Crucible. Dave Stephens is also in the band We Came as Romans. Look out for upcoming interviews with In Hearts Wake and Toothgrinder!

5. Born of Osiris and Fit for an Autopsy Album Discussions

We discuss and review the new album from Born of Osiris "Soul Sphere" as well as the new album from Fit For an Autopsy "Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell". Let us know if we are way off in the links below

4. Between the Buried and me and Progressive Metal

We discuss and review the new album from Between the Buried and Me "Coma Ecliptic", rank their discography, and discuss some of our favorite progressive metal bands. Let us know your thoughts and what prog bands you would include! 

3. August Burns Red Album Review and Best Albums to see Front to Back Live

We discuss and review the new August Burns Red Album "Found In Far Away Places" and discuss what metal albums would be best to see played front to back live. We also dive into what we have been listening to throughout the week. Let us know your thoughts and what albums you would choose!

2. Children of Bodom New Album Review and “What Keeps a Band a Band”

In this episode we discuss and review the new Children of Bodom album "I Worship Chaos", discuss if a band is still the same after loosing core members and also discuss the metal albums we have been into. Your hosts are Shadie, Stanley, and Jason. Let us know your opinions on the album and the topic!

1. Parkway Drive and Black Dahlia Murder Album Reviews

In our first episode, we welcome everyone to our podcast and discuss/review the new albums from Parkway Drive and The Black Dahlia Murder. Your hosts for your metal and hardcore journey are Shadie, Jason, and Stan the Man. Let us know your thoughts on the albums!