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66.James Murphy Interview (Ex. Death/Testament/Obituary) & Disincarnate Throwback review

April 20, 2018

Hey guys episode 66 is kind of a sneak peak into our Patreon bonus content. We paired half of our first bonus episode with a huge interview with James Murphy, previously of Death, Obituary, & Testament. He talked about his Disincarnate project, becoming a member of Death for the "Spiritual Healing" period, writing on Obituary's "Cause of Death", joining Testament, and a whole lot more. If you want to hear the remaining 45 mins of the original Patreon bonus episode with our normal talk of what we’ve been listening to, head over to our Patreon site at the link below. Stan was unable to join us for this episode due to his ongoing black metal mold problem so we had two special guest listeners that joined us and really brought their A game. We talked about our favorite concerts and an overlooked death metal classic Disincarnate “Dreams of the Carrion Kind” which was James Murphy’s project after his time with Obituary.


*Sone corrections to the episode: James actually played on 3 Testament albums (we forgot the live album) and was a big contributor to the writing during Death’s Spiritual Healing as you will hear in interview.

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Music Played on this episode:
Wolf King "Greater Power"
Disincarnate "Stench of Paradise Burning", "Beyond the Flesh",
& "Monarch of the Sleeping Marches
Death "Low Life"