Into The Combine Metal Podcast

61.Best of 2017 Pt.1 & Spirit Adrift Interview

January 5, 2018

Here's part 1 of our top 15 metal albums of the year. We split it into two episodes to make it a little easier to digest. (Correction: when talking about Ross Dolan of Immolation we actually meant Robert Vigna). We also have an interview with Nate Garett of Spirit Adrift who released an album Called "Curse of Conception" this year that is hitting a lot of end of the year lists. We talked a lot about that album so be sure to check out the interview and listen check out the album if you haven't yet. Stay tuned for part 2 for the rest of our list as well as our listener list coming soon! We are going to wait to publish our full lists until the episode has been out for a bit to keep it a surprise but feel free to message us and ask us for it if you need it. Check back to our Facebook for the lists after a week or so. 

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