Into The Combine Metal Podcast

60. Allegaeon/Gatecreeper Interviews, Metal Trivia, & Live Show Reviews

December 10, 2017

We talked about all the music we've been listening to lately, the shows we've been to including Cannibal Corpse with Gatecreeper & Power Trip, and Hatebreed with Dying Fetus, Code Orange, & Twitching Tongues and played a game of Metal Trivia. Round 1 included a section in which we had to guess a short clip of a riff and round 2 was a metal trivia section. We also have an interview with Chase from Gatecreeper and Riley/Greg from Allegaeon. 

Time Stamps

00:00 - Intro and what we're listening to
00:27 - Gatecreeper Interview
00:42 - Concert Reviews
00:49 - Metal Trivia
01:24 - Allegaeon Interview

Music Played on Episode 60

1. Get the shot "Hellbringer"
2. Archspire "Relentless mutation
3. Morbid Angel "D.E.A.D."
4. The Faceless "Digging My Grave"
5. Gatecreeper "Craving Flesh"
6. Gatecreeper "Stronghold live
7. Allegaeon "All Hail Science"
8. Allegaeon "Proponents for Sentience III"

We also played clips for 9 different riffs but we will keep that as a suprise so you can play a long

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