Into The Combine Metal Podcast

67.Carcass “Heartwork” Discussion & Slugdge Interview

April 30, 2018

Stan the Man is back with us and we really brought a lot to the table for our "What we've been listening to" section including Homewrecker, The Crown, Alghazath, Judas Priest, Mammoth Grinder, Bleed From Within, Conjurer, Inferi, & Discussed Carcass's legendary "Heartwork" album. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for an interview with Matt Slugg Moss of the band Slugdge where we talked about their new album "Esoteric Malencology", the themes and lyrics of the band, the effects of mental illness, and a lot more. Patreon listeners got to hear this episode last week!

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00:00 - Intro & New Music Recomemndations 

00:45 - Carcass Heartwork 

01:07 - Interview 




Music Played on this episode:

Homewrecker "Fade to Oblivion" 

The Crown "In the Name of Death"

Alghazanth - "Facing the North" fom Eight Coffin Nails

Judas Priest - Necromancer

Mammoth Grinder "Human is Obsolete" 

Bleed From Within "Alive"

Conjurer "Of FLesh Weaker than Ash"

Inferi "Smoulder in the Ash"

Carcass "Heartwork" & "Carnal Forge"