Into The Combine Metal Podcast

81. Venom Prison Interview, Lords of Chaos, & Band Gimmicks Discussion

March 11, 2019

We started off with new albums we've been listening to including Venom Prison, Diabolical, Valtari, Rotting Christ, & Saor and than jumped into a discussion on our opinions of band gimmicks, live theatrics, etc, and reviewed the recent movie about Mayhem and the Norwegian black metal scene "Lords of Chaos". Stay tuned at the end of the episode for an interview with Ash Gray of Venom Prison! We talked about the difference of writing an album when they were relatively unknown compared to after blowing up in the scene, pushing the aggressiveness and technicality of the new album, the new styles incorporated into the album, Larissa's amazing vocal progression, their touring experiences over the last few years, and a lot more. 

Intro - New Music Recommendations 

28 mins: Band gimmick/theatrics discussion 

43 mins: Lords of Chaos Review

1 hr 10 mins: Venom Prison Interview 

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Music Played on this Episode
Venom Prison "Uterine Industrialization"
Diabolical "Inception"
Valtari "Forever"
Rotting Christ "Heaven & Hell & Fire"
Saor "Forgotten Paths"
Mayhem "Freezing Moon"