Into The Combine Metal Podcast

64.Between the Buried & Me/Rivers of Nihil Interviews, & Bolt Thrower Review

March 4, 2018

We talked about the new music we've been listening to, reviewed the new Between the Buried and Me album "Autonama", and discussed Bolt Thrower's classic album "IV Crusade". We also have an interview with Tommy Roger's of Between the Between the Buried and Me, where we found out some info about their two part album as well as a great interview with Brodey Uttley of River's of Nihil. Be sure to check out their amazing new album "Where Owls Know my Name" on 3/16. Its a packed episode! Enjoy!

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Music Played on This Episode
- Wormed "Pseudo-Horizon"
- Necrophobic "Mark of the Necrogram" & "Tsar Bomba"
- Genocide Pact "Spawn of Suffering"
- Hyperion "Seraphical Euphony"
- Between the Buried and Me "Condemmed to the Gallows" & "Millions"
- Bolt Thrower "IV Crusade" & "Embers"
- Rivers of Nihil "Home" & "The Silent Life"