Into The Combine Metal Podcast

59. Enslaved/Cannibal Corpse Discussion & Dark Descent Records Interview

November 20, 2017

Time Stamps:

00:00: Discussion and clips of what were listening to including Converge, Necrot, Gut Slit, Antropomorphia, Couch Slut, Trivium, & Venenum

41:45: Enslaved "E" Album Discussion

53:00: Cannibal Corpse "Red Before Black" Album Discussion

108:15: Interview with Matt Calvert of Dark Descent Records

Music Played on this episode:
Converge "I Can Tell You About Pain" & "Under Duress"
Necrot "Blood Offerings"
Gut Slit "Marachino Eye Balls"
Couch Slut "Snake in the Grass"
Antropomorphia "Murmor of the Dead"
Venenum "Cold Death"
Enslaved "Storm Son", "Sacred Horse", & Hindsiight
Cannibal Corpse "Code of the Slashers" & "Remaimed"

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