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80. Steve Tucker of Morbid Angel & Entombed “Clandestine” Discussion

February 10, 2019

We talked about new music we've been listening to, whether or not lyrics matter in metal and to what extent quality of vocals are important and discussed Entombed's classic album "Clandestine". Plus we have an interview with Steve Tucker of the mighty Morbid Angel! We talked about Steve's passion for death metal, his path to extreme metal, the first time he heard Morbid, how it was to join the band, experience working on Formulas Fatal to the Flesh and Gateways to Annihilation, his vocal development, and some talk about metal in general. Interview starts at 1 hour and 10 min mark.

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Music Played on This Episode:
Judiciary "Social Crusade"
Ossuarium "Corrosive Hallucinations"
Festerday "Kill Your Truth"
Soilwork "Wolves are Back in Town"
Misery Index "The Choir Invisible"
Entombed "Sinners Bleed, Severe Burns, Stranger Aeons
Morbid Angel "D.E.A.D.