Into The Combine Metal Podcast

73.Pig Destroyer Interview & Dissection Throwback Discussion

September 25, 2018

Topics On This Episode

What we've been listening to including new music from Outer Heaven, Embalmer, Omnium Gatherum, Revocation, and Horrendous.

Show reviews for Dying Fetus, Incantation, Gatecreeper, & Genocide Pact tour as well as the Pallbearer/Tribulation tour

Review of the new Pig Destroyer album "Head Cage"

Throwback discussion of Dissection's Storm of the Lights Bane

Interview with Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer 

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Music Played on this episode: 

- Pig Destroyer "Phantom Limb"
- Outer Heaven "Putrid Dwelling"
- Embalmer "The Casket Calls"
- Omnium Gatherum "Gods Go First"
- Revocation "Of Unworldly Origin"
- Pig Destroyer "Head Cage","Circle River", and Terminal Itch"
- Dissection "Where Dead Angels Lie", "Maha Kali", Thorns of Crimson Death”