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41. Doom, Sludge, Dark Tranquility, & Spirit Adrift/Gatecreeper Interview

We did things a bit different for episdoe 41 with a lot of talk on black metal, doom, and sludge! We talked like normal about a few bands weve been listening to, reviewed the new Dark tranqulity album "Atoma" and had on a friend and listener August Fuhrman to try and persuade Stan and Shadie to dive more into Doom and Sludge metal with a few newer bands. Lastly, we interviewed Nate Garett of Spirit Adrift and Gatecreeper. We talked about the latest Spirit Adrift album and his 5 pics for doom metal songs you should hear. So if you have been bummed that we havent covered much in the way of doom and sludge or are interested in diving in than this episode is for you! If you like August's pics go follow him on Twitter @augustfuhrman for some solid metal talk and posts! Its a long episode so heres the breakdown:

Intro/what weve been listening to

22 mins: Doom/Sludge suggestions by listener August Fuhrman

53 mins: Dark Tranqulity album Review

1.03: Interview with Nate Garett of Spirit Adrift/Gatecreeper & his doom/sludge metal pics


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Music featured on this episode in order of appearence: 

Gorgorth "Under the Pagan Megalith"

Christ Agony "Seal ov the Black Flame"

Dark Tranquility "Indifferent Sons"

Waitain "Malfeitor"

Electric Wizard "Funeralopolis"

Graves at Sea "The Waco 177"

Inter Arma "Transfiguration"

Kylesa "Shaping the Southern Sky"

The Foreshadowing "Fall of Heroes"

Dark Tranquility "Caves and Embers"

Spirit Adrift "Psyhic Tide"

Rwake: "Leviticus"

Burning Witch "Sacred Predictions" 

Saint Vitus "Dark World"

Trouble "Dark World"

Black Sabbath "The Writ"





40. The Black Dahlia Murder Spotlight

We start things off with new music recommendations/what weve been listening to and than dive into The Black Dahlia Murder's full discography to rank, discuss, and geek out over their 7 albums! Let us know your thoughts on the discussion, your rankings, or your favorite album of theirs at the below links. You can also find us on the iTunes podcast app, Stitcher, as well as select episodes on Soundcloud.






Music featured on this episode:

Vader - "Iron Reign"

Car Bomb - "The Oppresor" 

Insomnium - "At the Gates of Sleep"

Anaal Nathrahk "We Will Fucking Kill You"

A ton of Black Dahlia Murder


All music used for promotional purposes only! Plese go support the bands if your into what you hear!


39. Meshuggah, Serpentine Dominon,& Halloween Special

For episode 39 we reviewed the new albums from Meshuggah & Serpentine Dominion (Adam D, Corpsegrinder, Shannon Lukas sideproject), and each ranked our top 5 songs to celebrate the most metal holiday of all - Halloween!

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Music clips featured on this weeks episode:
- Venom Prison "Desecration of Human Privilege" 
- Brutally Deceased "The Art of Dying"
- Dillinger Escape Plan "Low Feels Blvd"
- Insomnium "Winters Gate Part 1"

- Brymir "Slayer of Gods" 

- Gatecreeper "Sterilized" 
- Meshuggah "Our Range Wont Die" & "Nostrum"
- Serpentine Dominion "Vanquished Unto Thee"
- Six Feet Under "The Day the Dead Walked"
- Emperor "The Wanderer" 
- Acid Witch "Oct. 31st"
- Cannibal Corpse "Pit of Zombies"
- Repulsion "The Lurking Fear"
- The Devil Wears Prada "Outnumbered" 
- The Acacia Strain "Doomblade" 
- Death "Zombie Ritual"
- Cradle of Filth "Heaven Torn Asunder" 
- CKY "Sporadic Movement" 
- Obituary "Slowly We Rot"
- Ghost "Ritual"
- The Black Dahlia Murder "Moonlight Equilibrium" 
- Darkthrone "Transylvanian Hunger" 
- Morbid Angel "Chapel of Ghouls"
- Gorguts "Bodily Corrupted" 
- Possessed "The Exorcist" 
- King Diamond "Halloween" 

All music on the show is for promotional purposes only! Go support the ones you dig!

38. Death, Allegaeon, Richard Christy

Episode 39 featured us talking about everything we have been listening to including some Swedish death metal, progressive black metal, metalcore, and hardcore - you never know what your going to get! Than we reviewed the latest from Allegaeon, had a discussion on the classic album "The Sound of Perseverance" by Death and even had the drummer of that album Richard Christy join us at the end to go deeper into the details. Richard just released a new album from his main project "Charred Walls of the Damned which we also talk about and he is also a contributor on the Howard Stern show. 


37.Carnifex Slow Death & Soilwork Retro Review/Interview

We reviewed the new album from Carnifex "Slow Death" & did a Retro Review on Soilwork classic album "A Predators Portrait". Born Speedstrid, the vocalist of Soilwork, joined us at the end of the episode to give his input on the album and give some behind the scenes info. We also had Cannibal Corpse Corpsegrinder/Barnes battle, talked about new music from Metallica, The Depression Sessions EP (Thy Art is Murder, Fit For an Autopsy, & Acacia Strain Split) & music recommendations, and some news

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36. Ricky Singh of Backtrack & Flatspot Records Interview

We had the chance to talk with Ricky Singh, the guitarist of New York hardcore band Backtrack co-owner of hardcore label Flatspot Records. We talked about what the band has been up to since releasing "Lost in Life", recording & writing their new album, the idea and acceptance of progression in hardcore, and he also highlighted new releases from his label and others that we should be checking out. He is a very cool and down to earth guy who is very passionate about the hardcore scene and I highly recommend following everything he is involved with. We also included the metal news section from out last episode that had to be cut out due to going over on time. Interview portion starts around the 15 minute mark.

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35.Favorite Groove Parts & Despised Icon Review

For ep. 35 we discussed what we've been listening to, reviewed the new album "Beast" from Despised Icon, and spent most of the episode playing and discussing our favorite parts in metal that groove hard. We didn't just stay within the "groove metal" sub genre and instead went through a lot our favorite parts in songs that get your head/body moving and had some groove to it. The episode was initially about 2.5 hours long so we had to edit it down and took out our normal metal news section. If you want to hear the stuff we got rid of stay tuned because we will be posting an interview episode with the New York Hardcore band Backtrack very soon and will have our metal news section there. Send us your favorite grooves, opinions on the album review, and any other thoughts at the links below. You can also listen to us on the iTunes podcast app, Stitcher, or most other podcast apps.


34.Gojira, Whitechapel, Nails Reviews, & Revocation Interview

We are back from short time off! Its our first attempt at using Skype for Shadie now that he officially lives in Georgia so the quality should improve for the next! We reviewed the new album from Gojira and discussed new albums from Nails, Whitechapel, Be'lakor, talked about some new singles and what else we have been jamming. The episode ends with an interview with Dave Davidson the guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of Revocation. Get their new album out from Metalblade on 7/22 - you will not regret it.

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33.George Kollias of Nile

We had the opportunity to talk with George Kollias, the drummer of Nile and one of the best drummers in extreme metal. He was recently awarded the "Best Extreme Drummer of 2016" award from Drummies Artists Awards and Drum! Magazine, he has played with many bands as a studio drummer, teaches drums, performs many drumming clinics and even wrote his own solo death metal album in which he wrote and played all the instruments including vocals titled "Invictus". He has two drum tutorial DVDs out called "Intense Metal Drumming" & "Intense Metal Drumming 2" a book called "The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming" that you can check out at his website in the link below. We talked about a lot different things including his opinion on the use of triggers, what it means to sell out, Youtube commentators, his work in Nile and his solo album, the incident in Russia with Belphagor, and some of his techniques. 

Songs featured on this episode include "Sacrifice Unto Sebek" from Nile's Annhilation of the Wicked album prior to the episode and "Voices" From George Kollias's solo album "Invictus" after the interview
George Kollias's website to find all the mentioned products and more info!

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32. Architects/Hatebreed Reviews & Protest the Hero Interview

Ep. 32 features a review of the new Hatebreed album "The Concrete Confessional" & the new Architects album "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us" as well as an interview with Tim millar of Protest the Hero. We also got into some metal news, Summer Slaughter Tour, and news about the podcast. This episode also features a new unsigned band recommendation from the band Artillery Breath with the song "Crooked Nub". Find more from them here: 

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31. Top 10 Riffs & Interview with guitarist of Wovenwar, Poison Headache, & ex As I Lay Dying

To make up for the wait in between episode we have an almost 2 hour show! As always we talked about some new music recommendations/reviews, had a listener guest concert review, and named our top 10 metal Riffs! Tons of clips to be heard. We were also joined by Phil Sgrosso the guitarist of Wovenwar and ex. As I Lay Dying to talk about his new band Poison Headache. He also named a bunch of his favorite metal riffs and talked about the new (heavier?) direction for the upcoming Wovenwar album at the end so be sure to check that out!

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30. Top 5 Drummers & Aborted Interview

Episode 30 is packed full and extra long for your metal ears to enjoy. We may have a small delay before the next episode so enjoy the extra content! We answered a few listener questions about new albums, talked about some new music recommendations, did a retro review on Gojira's L'enfant Sauvage and discussed our top 5(ish) drummers in metal. Our special guest for this episode was Sven de Caluwe, the vocalist of Aborted. We talked about their great new death/grind album "Retrogore", horror movies, and more. You can also find us on Stitcher, iTunes podcast app, and the below links:

29. Parkway Drive Spotlight & Metalcore that Doesn’t Suck

Our 3rd band spotlight has arrived in the form of a discussion and ranking of Parkway Drive's discography. We also started out the episode by answering a listener question regarding what our picks are for for some legit Metalcore and we threw down quite a few recommendations. Check it out here, on Stitcher, or iTunes and dont forget about those iTunes reviews if you enjoy! Be sure to throw us some comments on our links below:


28. Veil of Maya Interview with Vocalist Lukas Magyar

We had Lukas Magyar on as our special guest for this episode to discuss everything from the experience of joining Veil of Maya and the aspects that go along with that, the album "Matriarch", the use of clean vocals, and a lot more. Episode is also available on the iTunes podcast app. Hit us up on the below links to discuss!

27. Nick from Job For a Cowboy Interview & Bassist spotlight

For episode 27 we switched things up with half of it being a spotlight on the often looked down upon bassists in metal and who are favorites are. For the 2nd half we brought on Nick Schendzielos, the bassist of Job For a Cowboy, Cephalic Carnage, & Havok to join in on the bass conversation. We talked about all 3 bands, whats going on with Job For a Cowboy, recording Sun Eater, his favorite bassist's, why the hell JFAC is still lumped into the death core category by some, and a lot more!

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26.Amon Amarth “Jomsviking” Review & Unearth “The Oncoming Storm” Discussion & Interview

We reviewed the new highly anticipated new album from Amon Amarth "Jomsviking", discussed Unearth's classic album "The Oncoming Storm" and even had Trevor Phipps - the vocalist of Unearth on as our guest to join in on the discussion. He talked a lot about the album as well as his opinion of metalcore, what "true metalcore" is, the changes its gone through, the early days of the Massachusetts metalcore scene, why they never added clean chorus's to their sound, and some details on what they have written so far for their next album. We also started the episode off with new music recommendations and answered a listener question about our guilty pleasures. 

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25. Killswitch Engage “Incarnate”, Opeth “Blackwater Park” & Interview with Producer Fredrik Nordstrom

As always we talked about some metal news, gave a few music recommendations, and than reviewed the new Killswitch Engage Album "Incarnate". We also did a retro album discussion on Opeth's Blackwater Park and interviewed Fredrik Nordstrom, the producer behind the Gothenburg melodic death metal scene and a lot more. He has worked on groundbreaking albums from In Flames, Dark Tranquility, At the Gates, Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgur, The Haunted, Opeth, etc, as well as previous and upcoming album from Architects. He talked about what it was like working on some of those albums and a lot more in our interview. 

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24.After the Burial, Fleshgod Reviews & Obituary Interview

We reviewed the new After the Burial album “Dig Deep” as well as the new Fleshgod Apocalypse album “King”. We also talked about new music recommendations, debated a March Metal Madness bracket, reviewed a Cannibal Corpse/Obituary show and ended the show with an interview with Donald Tardy of the legendary death metal band Obituary. Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages & please throw us a review on iTunes!


23. Songs to ride forth into battle with, new recommendations, & Exmortus Review

We talked about alllllot of music we have been jamming lately, reviewed the new Exmortus album "Ride Forth" & figured out which songs we would have blasting while riding forth into battle... songs to pump us up to do some beheading, spearing, welding an ax, and some violent sword play. Songs to battle hordes of Orcs, to influence a Viking battle, or imagine yourself as Mel Gibson in the Patriot... your choice. 

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22. Hardcore Spotlight Part 2

We finished our huge discussion on a lot of our favorite hardcore albums along with our guest host Ross. For part two we touched on albums from Hatebreed, Backtrack, Malfunction,  Carpathian, Comeback Kid, & a lot more. We will be back to our regular programming with album reviews, news, and random discussion for our next episode!

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21. Expire Interview & Hardcore Spotlight Part 1

We combined a big discussion on some of our favorite hardcore albums with an interview with Zach Dear, the guitarist and backing vocalist of Expire. We talked about whats going on with the new album, their recent release of "Old Songs", what he thinks about people who write off bands when they "sell out" by taking mainstream tours or becoming too popular, and his opinions on the Phil Anselmo drama. We also had a good friend join us as a guest host who shares in our passion for hardcore. We hit on albums from Terror, Down to Nothing, Code Orange, and more. Stay tuned for Part 2 discussing a lot more albums. 

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20. Interview with Chad Nicefield of Wilson

We are supplying you with a grade A interview with Chad Nicefield of the band Wilson. Wilson makes the kind of blue collar metal you want to play on a Friday at 5:00 after you have punched out and you are speeding home about 10MPH faster than you should. If you don't know about these guys now is a great time to check them out. We talked to Chad about what's going on in the studio, their go-to party music, their evolution in sound and as a band, what it was like touring with Bam Margera, the Motorhead cruise and a lot more. Check it! 

19. At the Gates, In Flames, & Dark Tranquility Classic Album Battle

We ranked and discussed the big 3 albums of the "Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal" scene - Slaughter of the Soul, The Gallery, & The Jester Race. We tried to give a little bit of history on this sub-genre and these bands, we discussed each of the albums and picked favorites, and than talked a little bit about the rest of each band's discographies. Let us know your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, please throw us a review on iTunes!

18. Fallujah Interview with Alex Hoffman

We interviewed Alex Hoffman, the vocalist for the atmospheric & technical death metal band Fallujah about their recent tour, what to expect for their follow up to 2014's "The Flesh Prevails", their writing/recording process, and a lot more

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17. Best Albums of 2015 Part 2

Part 2 of our discussion on the top 10 albums of 2015! We finished our discussion on each of our individual lists (30 albums between the two episodes) and played a lot of song clips to provide a little taste of some excellent songs. Listen to part 1 for our first half

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16. Best Albums of 2015 - Part 1

We present part 1 of our discussion on the top 10 albums of 2015. We each brought an individual list to the table as well as an additional 5 honorable mentions and went through and discussed each one and played a lot of song clips to provide a little taste of some excellent songs. Stay tuned for part two to round out the rest of our list coming soon.

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15. Fit for an Autopsy Interview with Patrick Sheridan

We have a very interesting interview with Patrick Sheridan of Fit For an Autopsy covering a lot of topics such as their latest album "Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell, their recording and writing process, new music and tours in 2016, and a lot of random stuff such as his unique perspective on the recent financial statements from CJ of Thy Art is Murder. We also discuss a few metal news topics and a brief show review for Black Dahlia Murder during their hometown Detroit date. Jump to around the 6.30 mark for the interview

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14. Ranking Killswitch Engage Discography

We ranked and discussed Killswitch Engage's Discography! Weve got plenty of song clips throughout as well as their most recent song to end out the episode. We each had some differing opinions so let us know who was right on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, please throw us a review on iTunes!


13. Deafheaven New Bermuda Album Review

We discussed the album "New Bermuda" by Deafheaven with mixed opinions from each of the members of the cast and featured some music we have been into lately. We ran into some technical difficulties on this episode and so the audio quality isnt as good as normal so be sure to check out some of our other episodes to hear the full effect. Also, subscribe on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook!


12. So Hideous Interview with Brandon Cruz

For this episode we interviewed the extremely interesting Brandon Cruz from the band So Hideous about his amazing new album "Laurestine". If you havent heard this album yet you need to give it a listen. It has been showing up on a ton of best of the year list's and is very unique and forward thinking. It has elements of orchestral/classical music mixed with abrasive black metal types of vocals and drums, all mixed into the feel of a movie soundtrack, and yet something entirely its own. He discussed the making of the album, some background of the band, as well as what to expect on their next album. If you like what you hear please rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook! 


11. Cattle Decapitation & Top 5 Deathmetal/core Vocalists

We discussed the album "Anthropocene Extinction" by Cattle Decapitation that you may have seen popping up on everyone's year end lists and counted down our top 5 "harsh" vocalists - mostly from any death metal sub genre and deathcore. The ranking starts around 28 mins. If you like what you hear please rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook!


10. Ranking As I Lay Dying’s Discography

We discussed and ranked all of As I Lay Dying's Discography! Let us know how wrong we were below on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, please throw us a review on iTunes!


9. Toothgrinder interview & After the Burial, Rings of Saturn, Faceless Show Review

We've got a super interesting interview with the amazing Toothgrinder with all kinds of details about their upcoming new album, their favorite albums of 2015 and their history together. We also have a concert review for the "Return of the Faceless" tour with Toothgrinder, Rings of Saturn, After the Burial, and The Faceless. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook! 


8. Top 5 Sumerian Records & Terror album review

We jump into the new album "The 25th Hour" by Terror and count down our top 5 albums released from Sumerian Records. Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and follow us below on Twitter and Facebook!