Into The Combine Metal Podcast

101. New Recommendations & Alex Joseph of Undeath

October 26, 2020

Just a heads up Evil Jay fucked up his audio by not having his Mic plugged in so he sounds like shit for the episode up until the interview. Sorry! If your a new listener its not usually this bad! Well the content probably is this bad but we at least usually sound sexier. Hopefully you can ignore it and still hear about some good ass metal. If nothing else tune in to the interview with Alex Joseph of Undeath which starts 54 mins into the episode - No audio issues there!

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Music Played on this Episode:

Kommand "Gulag Orphanage"
Necrophobic "Let Darkness be my Guide" & "Mirror Black"
Faceless Burial "Spuming Catarrhal Gruel"
Napalm Death "Backlash Just Because"
MyGraine "Summoned Duality"
Undeath "Acidic Twiglight Visions" & Suitably Hacked to Gore"
Anaal Nathrakh "Endarkment"
Inferi "Eldritch Evolution"  
Gamma Sector "Engine of Decay"
Cannibal Corpse "Five Nails Through the Neck"
Kyriios "The Utterance of Foul Truths"

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