Into The Combine Metal Podcast

87. Recommendation Episode & Idle Hands Interview

September 13, 2019
We recorded a full episode but decided to split it in half for the sake of time... so more to come on that! For now though here's some new recomendations and an interview with Gabe Franco of Idle Hands! Stay tuned for Part 2 soon...
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Music Played on this Episode:
Tool "Tempest"
Enforced "The Heath"
Infant Annihilator "A Rape of Sirens"
Vitriol "Legacy of Contempt"
Pandemonium "In Search for Euthanasia"
Shylmagoghnar "Transience"
Dessecrecy "Towards Nebulae"
Nightfell "No Life Leaves Here"
Idle Hands "Nightfall"
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