Into The Combine Metal Podcast

106. Asphyx Interview, Pig Destroyer Terrifyer Throwback, & New Music

February 25, 2021

For the first half of the episode we talked about the music we've been listening to and if your sick of us your in luck because we were joined by a special guest Patreon member who gave us his recommendations as well. For the second half we did a throwback discussion on Pig Destroyer's Terrifyer album and ended with an interview with the legend himself - Martin Van Drunen of Asphyx. 

Music Played on this Episode:

Gatecreeper - Starved

Frozen Soul - Encased in Ice

Asphyx - Yield or Die & Botox Implosion

Yoth Iria - The Red Crown Turns Black

Ordinance- Gathering Wraiths

Akathaxis - Veins Hollowed

Lament Configuration - Agency

Digybus - Long-Pig Feast

Pig Destroyer - Pretty in Casts, Gravedancer, Towering Flesh, Carrion Fairy

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