Into The Combine Metal Podcast

89. Exhumed Interview & Metal Genres Discussion

November 23, 2019

Episode 89 is here and its a long one so here's the breakdown in case you get sick of us and want to jump around!

Intro: We got caught up on some of the new music we've been listening to
45 mins: Live Exhumed Interview
73 mins: Discussion on what albums got us into each of the main genres of metal

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Music Played on This Episode
Vomit Forth "Formless One
Nile "Seven Horns of War"
Insomnium "The Offering"
In Mourning "Heirophant
Borknagar "Thunderous"
Obsequaie "Ceres in Emerald Streams"
Gatecreeper "From the Ashes" & "Puncture Wounds"
Exhumed "Naked and Screaming and Covered in Blood"
Pig Destroyer "Trojan Whore"
Antrhax "AIR"
Necrophagist "Stabwound"
The Faceless "Prison Borne"
Queensryche "Eyes of a Stranger"
As I Lay Dying "Confined"
Blind Guardian "Im Alive"
Candlemass "Solitude"
Electric Wizard "Black Mass"
Stick to You Guns "
Emperor "I am the Black Wizards"
Cannibal Corpse "The Time to Kill is Now"