Into The Combine Metal Podcast

2018 Interview with Riley Gale of Power Trip

August 27, 2020

Like everyone else I am completely blown away and absolutely crushed about the news of Riley from Power Trip. Its not hard to see from everyone's comments and from anyone that knew him that he was not only an amazing front man but he was also a passionate guy that stood for what he believed in no matter what. He always spoke out against the things he felt were unjust with no care as to what his fan base would think. That's a rare quality to find in metal and I think he left a huge void behind in that respect. I wanted to post this interview I did with him back in 2018 while they were on tour with Gatecreeper and Cannibal Corpse as a tribute to Riley, for those that might want to hear it, and really because its pretty special to me at this point. This interview almost didn't happen since Riley fell asleep before the show when we were originally scheduled to talk. He had apologized and said we could do it after there set even though Im pretty sure he didn't realllllly want to do it since he looked exhausted and ready to chill but did it anyway. Im super thankful to have been at that show and to have that memory. Rest in Power man.