Into The Combine Metal Podcast

97. Martin Van Drunen Spotlight & Paradise Lost Interview

May 5, 2020

For episode 97 we did a special spotlight on Death Metal legend Martin Van Drunen by focusing on 3 albums he has been a part of including Pestilence "Consuming Impulse", Asphyx "Last One on Earth", and Hail of Bullets "Of Frost and Winter". Plus we talked about all the new music we've been listening to and have an interview with Greg Mackintosh of Paradise Lost.

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Music Played on this Episode:
Rotting Out "Reaper"
Black Dahlia Murder "Sunless Empire"
Wolfheart "Horizon on Fire"
Black Curse "Charnel Rift"
Noroth - ALbum "It Dwells Among Us"
Temple of Void "Self-Schism"
Pestilence "Suspended Animation" & "Chronic Infection"
Asphyx "MS Bismark" & "Last One On Earth"
Hail of Bullets "Berlin" & "Advancing Once More"
Paradise Lost "Fall From Grace"