Into The Combine Metal Podcast

95. Death Doom Spotlight & My Dying Bride Interview

March 29, 2020

Yes the world is falling apart around us with the coronavirus and maybe we should have picked a more uplifting topic but hey this is metal right? This one was in the works for a while so there was no turning back especially after all the hard work our guest Tyson Tilly put in to bring us some background on what he considers 5 of the most essential Death Doom releases. Ty writes for metal website Heaviest of Art so make sure and go check out the site and give them a follow. Go check him out on Instagram as well at "Tytilly" for a lot of great metal recommendations and content. We also talked about what we’ve been listening to and have an interview at the end of the episode with Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride to talk about their latest album as well as there classic “Turn Loose the Swans” album. Its a long one but what else would you expect when talking death doom?

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Music Played on this Episode:

Code Orange "In Fear"
Afterbirth "Terminal
Berzerker Legion "I am the Legion"
Ethereal Darkness "Smoke and Shadows"
God Dethroned "Book of Lies"
My Dying Bride "Your River"
Winter "Servants of the Warsmen"
Disembowlement "The Tree of Life & Death" & "Funeral at Ornons"
Unholy "The Second Ring of Power"
Spectral Voice "Thresholds Beyond"