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96.Phil Tougas of Chthe’ilist, Atramentus, Funebrarum, Eternities End, First Fragment & Cosmic Atrophy

April 25, 2020

Hey guys I did an interview on April 2nd with Phil Tougas of Chthe'ilist, Frist Fragment, Funebrarum, Eternities End, Cosmic Atrophy, Atramentus and previously of Zealotry, Equipoise, Serocs, and a few others. We talked about his 5 favorite death metal demos, got deep into the debut Chthe'ilist album, finding his vocal style, playing bass on that album, the writing for the new album, his upcoming doom project Atramentus, as well as the 2020 Spring tour that was cancelled. I tried not to talk too much because when I did it was messing up the internet connection so at least you wont have to hear to much of me! Hope you guys enjoy and the whole crew will be back soon for a normal episode soon!

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Music Played on this Episode:


Chthe'ilist "Voidspawn" & "The Voices Beneath the Well"
Disgrace "Inside the Labarynth of Depression track 2
Ripping Corpse Rehearsel Tape - Track 2
Crypt of Kerberos "Yule Horror" 2nd Demo 1991
Amorphis - Privalege of Evil "Black Embrace"
Crematory "Wrath of the Uknown Demo" "Wrath of the Uknown
Condemnation - Entering the Tates of Doom EP (track 4?)
Zealotry "Lethe's Shroud"
Cosmic Atrophy "The Void Engineers"