Into The Combine Metal Podcast

45.The Most Beautiful Songs in Metal

February 17, 2017

For episode 45 we each came up with 5 of our favorite beautiful songs/moments in metal and provided 6 new music recomendaitons to check out! This episode was a lot of fun recording yet hard to narrow down to only 5. Also, theres plenty of less beautiful moments in the new recommendation section if your worried we are softening up! Send us your thoughts and any of your own picks on our social media sites below and at



Song List (In order Played)
1. Shadow of Intent "The Invoking of the Execution of Worlds"
2. First Blood "Rules Meant to be Broken"
3. Beaten to Death "Dont You Dare to Call Us Heavy Metal"
3. Hour of Penance "Horn of Flies"
4. Filth "Aparation" feat Trevor Strnad
5. Mors Principium Est "Livin La Vida Loca"
6. Iron Reagan "Fuck the Neighbors"


7. Metallica "Fade to Black"
8. In Flames "December Flower"
9. Between the Buried and Me "Selkies: The Endless Obsession"
10.August Burns Red "Meddler"
11.Killswitch Engage "My Last Serenade"
12.Omnium Gatherum "The Unkowing"
13.Between the Buried & Me "Mordecai
14.Be'Lakor "In Parting"
15.Opeth "Ghost of Perdition"
16.Parkway Drive "Delive Me"
17.Scar Symmetry "The Spiral Timeshift"
18.Insomnium "While We Sleep"
19.Ensiferum "Victory Song"
20.Inferi "Fiendish
21.Ne Obliviscaris "Painters of the Tempest, Pt. II (Triptych Lux)