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41. Doom, Sludge, Dark Tranquility, & Spirit Adrift/Gatecreeper Interview

December 6, 2016

We did things a bit different for episdoe 41 with a lot of talk on black metal, doom, and sludge! We talked like normal about a few bands weve been listening to, reviewed the new Dark tranqulity album "Atoma" and had on a friend and listener August Fuhrman to try and persuade Stan and Shadie to dive more into Doom and Sludge metal with a few newer bands. Lastly, we interviewed Nate Garett of Spirit Adrift and Gatecreeper. We talked about the latest Spirit Adrift album and his 5 pics for doom metal songs you should hear. So if you have been bummed that we havent covered much in the way of doom and sludge or are interested in diving in than this episode is for you! If you like August's pics go follow him on Twitter @augustfuhrman for some solid metal talk and posts! Its a long episode so heres the breakdown:

Intro/what weve been listening to

22 mins: Doom/Sludge suggestions by listener August Fuhrman

53 mins: Dark Tranqulity album Review

1.03: Interview with Nate Garett of Spirit Adrift/Gatecreeper & his doom/sludge metal pics


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Music featured on this episode in order of appearence: 

Gorgorth "Under the Pagan Megalith"

Christ Agony "Seal ov the Black Flame"

Dark Tranquility "Indifferent Sons"

Waitain "Malfeitor"

Electric Wizard "Funeralopolis"

Graves at Sea "The Waco 177"

Inter Arma "Transfiguration"

Kylesa "Shaping the Southern Sky"

The Foreshadowing "Fall of Heroes"

Dark Tranquility "Caves and Embers"

Spirit Adrift "Psyhic Tide"

Rwake: "Leviticus"

Burning Witch "Sacred Predictions" 

Saint Vitus "Dark World"

Trouble "Dark World"

Black Sabbath "The Writ"