Into The Combine Metal Podcast

125.King Diamond - Abigail Review, Interview with Andy Larocque (King Diamond), & New Music Recommendations

September 26, 2022

We talked about some newer releases we've been into, did a throwback review on King Diamond's classic album Abigail, & end things with an interview with long time King Diamond guitarist Andy Larocque. 

Time Stamps

00:00 - New music recommendations

00:38 - Abigail Throwback Review 

01:17 - Andy Larocque Interview 

Music Played on this Episode 
Killing Pace - Sacrificial Gain
Inexorum - Memoriea Sacrum
Crestfallen Dusk - Beneath the Cool, Calm Soil
Bhleg - Gronskande gryning 
Tomb Mold - Prestige of Rebirth
Abhor - Ode to the Snake

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