Into The Combine Metal Podcast

99. New Music Recommendations & Interview with David Torturdød (Undergang/Phrenelith)

July 1, 2020

We kept things simple for this episode and just focused on getting caught up with some of the new releases we have been jamming plus we have an interview with David Torturdød of Undergang, Phrenelith, Ulcerot, & Wormridden. He also runs the label and distro site Extremely Rotten Productions at Extremely Rotten Productions.

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Music Played on this Episode:

Fulci "Eyes Full of Maggots"
Make Them Die Slowly "Murder Night"
Diminished Empires "Washed Upon the Forlorn Shores"
Ripped to Shreds "Opening Salvo"
Sweven "Reduced to an Ember"
Inexorum "Moonlit Navigation"
Greyhawk "Dont Wait for the Wizard"
Undergang "Efter Obduktionen" & "Englemagersken"
Phrenelith "Conquering Divinity"
Crypt Worm "Festering Maggot Infestation"
Mephitic Corpse "Unpleasant Throbbing Sensation"