Into The Combine Metal Podcast

40. The Black Dahlia Murder Spotlight

November 15, 2016

We start things off with new music recommendations/what weve been listening to and than dive into The Black Dahlia Murder's full discography to rank, discuss, and geek out over their 7 albums! Let us know your thoughts on the discussion, your rankings, or your favorite album of theirs at the below links. You can also find us on the iTunes podcast app, Stitcher, as well as select episodes on Soundcloud.






Music featured on this episode:

Vader - "Iron Reign"

Car Bomb - "The Oppresor" 

Insomnium - "At the Gates of Sleep"

Anaal Nathrahk "We Will Fucking Kill You"

A ton of Black Dahlia Murder


All music used for promotional purposes only! Plese go support the bands if your into what you hear!