Into The Combine Metal Podcast

35.Favorite Groove Parts & Despised Icon Review

August 9, 2016

For ep. 35 we discussed what we've been listening to, reviewed the new album "Beast" from Despised Icon, and spent most of the episode playing and discussing our favorite parts in metal that groove hard. We didn't just stay within the "groove metal" sub genre and instead went through a lot our favorite parts in songs that get your head/body moving and had some groove to it. The episode was initially about 2.5 hours long so we had to edit it down and took out our normal metal news section. If you want to hear the stuff we got rid of stay tuned because we will be posting an interview episode with the New York Hardcore band Backtrack very soon and will have our metal news section there. Send us your favorite grooves, opinions on the album review, and any other thoughts at the links below. You can also listen to us on the iTunes podcast app, Stitcher, or most other podcast apps.