Into The Combine Metal Podcast

26.Amon Amarth “Jomsviking” Review & Unearth “The Oncoming Storm” Discussion & Interview

April 10, 2016

We reviewed the new highly anticipated new album from Amon Amarth "Jomsviking", discussed Unearth's classic album "The Oncoming Storm" and even had Trevor Phipps - the vocalist of Unearth on as our guest to join in on the discussion. He talked a lot about the album as well as his opinion of metalcore, what "true metalcore" is, the changes its gone through, the early days of the Massachusetts metalcore scene, why they never added clean chorus's to their sound, and some details on what they have written so far for their next album. We also started the episode off with new music recommendations and answered a listener question about our guilty pleasures. 

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